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Bodio 1

An imposing four-storey building, containing offices.

 Its main façade stretches along a part of Viale Bodio, therefore it is immediately visible to the public. A vision which, at night, becomes magic for the whole district: the two external corners of the building are made of full-length windows and, at night, they are lit in such a way as to produce a beautiful "huge lanterns" effect. The rational use of materials like marble, steel and crystal and the architectural solutions used give the complex an overall modern and elegant look.

The services present, the measures devised to ensure maximum comfort, the functional arrangement of spaces, starting from the common ones, for employees' food and drink needs and for events, make Bodio 1 not only a high level place where to work, but also a beautiful and warm place where to live.

Bodio 1 hosts the headquarters of Marsh Spa, Italian subsidiary of the Marsh Mc Lennan Companies Group, a main financial and insurance consultancy and service firm worldwide.