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Bodio 5

Bodio 5, made up of 4 floors in addition to the ground floor, completes the office complex of Bodio Center.

Its architecture is mostly based on glass, aluminium and granite. Despite the imposing size of the building, its large full-length windows on the façades make it look very light, sober and elegant, as well as giving it a very modern look.

Like in the other office buildings, here the criteria of flexibility and functionality were the basis of its design. The second and fourth floors, with marvellous terraces, ideal for meetings and events, deserve particular attention.  The whole building is occupied by the Italian headquarters of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis. All the general services offered by Bodio Center and up to 128 reserved parking spaces in the underground car park are available.

Bodio 5 host Sanofi.

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