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DO YOU WANT TO ESTABLISH YOUR HEADQUARTERS AT BODIO CENTER? Bodio Center is the earliest office district of Milan; it is located next to the district called Bovisa, close to the train station which connects it to the whole city. The main motorways are also easy to reach. An up-to-date office district offering a new balance between open-air areas, services and work, it is the ideal place for companies which intend to work in an innovative, modern and dynamic environment: over 65,000 m2 and 7 buildings; great architecture; chosen by important international companies, it is a modern example of worklife balance.

Optimisation of spaces, which can be customised to meet the needs of the various businesses, are integrated with the bright light coming in through the full-length windows and the technological solutions focusing on efficiency and energy saving.

For a company, choosing Bodio Center means having a wide range of services available, including logistics and welfare, innovation and technology.


Info on business areas available 
Email: eros.chiodoni@eu.jll.com
T. +39 02 8586 861